How To Pleasure A Woman

It isn’t so difficult to find out how to make a woman excited in bed. In other words, to give her greater pleasure. In fact it turns out that all you have to do is look on the Internet, and you’ll find some men have already taken the trouble to interview women and find out what they want more of during sex.

(These results were put together by the founder of the Sex God Method.)

1 Give Her an Orgasm Before Intercourse Starts

This is the number one desire for women, the number one thing that women want from their men during sex.

If ever there was proof that women don’t expect to reach orgasm during intercourse through penile thrusting, this is it.

man and woman loving each other in bed

Know how to arouse her and you will earn her eternal gratitude

It’s clearly ridiculous to assume in the face of all the evidence that women can reach orgasm through vaginal thrusting. Now of course they want this, they are programmed genetically to feel a desire to be penetrated.

But being aroused and wanting to be penetrated is a very different thing to being aroused, being penetrated, and not reaching orgasm – which is what usually happens.

Of course men are also programmed to penetrate and ejaculate as fast as possible. Mother Nature must’ve had a great sense of irony when she planned it this way!

This results in is a few minutes of perfunctory foreplay from the man, perhaps breast play, a few minutes of cunnilingus, and then penetration which generally results in men ejaculating in about two or three minutes.

man and woman making love

man and woman in bed making love

This is not what women want. Women want to be pleasured by being given an orgasm in a dedicated and committed way by their man, which means him having nothing else on his mind (like his own pleasure), before intercourse begins.

And what most men don’t understand is that when they do this, it feels great!  When a woman’s had an orgasm she’s aroused, she’s still in the post orgasmic flush, and she really wants connection with the man.

Internally she still aroused and her tissues are swollen, engorged, warm and wet. This is what makes the great penetrative sex for a man.

You see,  men don’t get this:  giving a woman an orgasm makes her much more responsive to further sexual stimulation, and indeed, may actually increase the possibility of her reaching orgasm during intercourse.

2 Pay Attention to Other Areas of a Woman’s Body

In other words, what women want is attention to their whole body. You’ve heard it said that a woman’s biggest sex organ is her mind. Well, that might be true, but you could keep in mind that another big one is her skin.

Skin is exquisitely sensitive, designed to respond to touch, and so the more you touch her, all over, the more excited she’ll be. So remember, women do not want to be pleasured by a man paying attention to clitoris, breasts, and G spot alone.

There are plenty of other erogenous zones on a woman’s body, which aren’t necessarily the same from woman to woman. You can find them by enjoying some sexual exploration of your woman’s body, finding out exactly where she responds to your touch with the most excitement.

3 Last Longer In Bed

And it stands to reason, because most men know this anyway – because most men are quick ejaculators!

They – and maybe you –  cannot fail to be aware of the fact that their women want longer periods of penetration. It’s not even as though women are asking for much!

In fact women say is the ideal length of intercourse is 10 minutes. AHA! The average time to ejaculation in our society is 5 minutes.

You could see this as meaning that women are half as pleased with sex as they could be! But for a woman, poor sex is probably about as significant as no sex at all. In fact she might even want no sex more than she wants poor sex.

Now you know all the cliches – “if you can’t last long in bed be a good kisser, cunnilinguist and finger f*cker”. They are nonsense. Women want a man to ejaculates after at least 10 minutes of intercourse.

This is particularly true because then there is the possibility of a woman reaching orgasm through penetrative sex. Usually, she never does so because the man ejaculates too soon (5 minutes in, remember?)

By the way, that would include situations where her clitoris is stimulated during intercourse. As you know, it takes a woman a while to reach orgasm,  so even if you stimulate her clitoris during intercourse to help her reach orgasm, you need to be able to control your ejaculation so that you come after she has – or, even better, at the same time.

4 Teasing Her to Please Her

There’s no point being in bed with a woman if you’re a two-minute man in bed. Equally, there’s no point being in bed with a woman unless you’re committed to giving her pleasure.

And that can be done in a variety of ways. But in general, what turns women on more, what produces more sexual arousal, than just about anything else is teasing arousal techniques.

Rather than diving straight into whatever stimulation you want to give her, introduce it gradually. Think of oral sex for example.

Most men give oral sex by simply putting their tongue straight onto the woman’s vulva – sometimes even onto the clitoris.

man and woman in bed

Be clever, be subtle, and turn her on before intercourse!

What a woman really wants is delicate kisses all the way up her inner and outer thighs, teasing movements of your mouth which make it look as though you’re going to lick her clitoris… and then you don’t.

Kiss her elsewhere – perhaps on her belly, which for most women is very erotic. Work up to and tease your woman with the sense that you’re going to give her some oral stimulation on breasts, clit or vulva, and then move away.

This is very arousing for a woman. You’ll find that if you do it skilfully she’ll actually plead for more – after which you really can give her sexual pleasure and gratification. The benefit to you is that you will enjoy sex with her many times more. The benefits of teasing and pleasing spill over to you… because you will give her the pleasure which turns her on, which makes sex better all round.

5 More Oral Sex Please

One of things women say they really really like is oral pleasuring.

As a man, you don’t have to be good with your fingers – you have to be good with your mouth.

The reason for that is because that’s oral is what women want. And you must give it to her….. (I mean how would you feel if your woman didn’t want to give you a blow job?)

Oral sex is in fact the fastest and easiest way to make a woman come. The kind of stimulation and the kind of pressure and the kind of touch that you can give her during oral pleasure is exactly what’s needed to bring her off. Bottom line: if you give your woman plenty of oral sex she’ll absolutely love you for it.

6 Turn Her On With Words

Most women really want men to talk to them in bed. And yet many men are deathly silent (until they come!)

Something about being embarrassed, or perhaps not knowing what to say?

Whatever, you don’t have to be a creative genius to come up with words that are sexy. You just have to try them and see how she responds. And because you wouldn’t want to start with words like “I want to f*ck your hot wet c*nt”, start with something like “What d’ya think it’d be like to feel me inside your hot wet pussy?”

You see there’s some subtlety to talking dirty; it’s about turning a woman on by gradually increasing the level of stimulation in all ways as she gets more aroused.

7 Eye Gazing and Eye Contact

Although some people find it difficult, many more find it very sexy indeed when their sexual partner meets their gaze directly.

It’s a real turn on for guys and gals alike. Sexual eye contact increases feelings of pleasure for both men and women alike. If you’ve ever penetrated a woman while staring deeply into her eyes, you’ll know I mean. And if you’ve achieved orgasm while looking into your partner’s eyes, you will really understand what I’m talking about. Get started by introducing some eye contact during sex right now and see how much it turns YOU and HER on.

8 Pay Attention to Her After Sex

It hardly needs to be said, I guess. Cuddle when you’ve come.

Why? Because sex produces bonding hormones which make us feel good, and predispose us to make us to connect with a lover. If you ignore your woman after sex (or, worse, you go to sleep), then you’re really destroying the opportunity to build your woman’s happiness and the quality of your relationship.

Women remain aroused for quite a while after sex, so this is the time when you really need to be saying the things she wants to hear: “I love you.” ANd so on.

You know, no matter how awkward you feel about saying this, the benefits in your relationship will be profound. For one thing, she’ll be much more ready to give you sex! And for another she’ll be much more happy – both within and without the bedroom.

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