Manifesting a Better Sex Life


Make no mistake, you can have it all — indeed, if you want to know how to get what you want, well, manifestation is the way that you can do this.

The past has no bearing on the future. Unless you allow it to....

The past has no bearing on the future. Unless you allow it to…. you can plan for a better future and bring it about by manifesting it with visualization.

So what does manifestation mean? Well, it’s the process of manifesting whatever you want in the physical world by the power of your mind.

When I say “manifesting in the physical world”, I’m not just talking about physical objects, I’m also talking about the possibility of manifesting spiritual or emotional events such as a better relationship.

This seems hard to believe to many people, but it’s worth remembering that manifestation has been around for millennia — apparently it was even being used by the ancient Egyptians!

But whether you believe the ancient Egyptians had the power to manifest reality or not, if you think about the course of history, you will realize that there have been many individuals with remarkable powers: think of Jesus, Buddha, and other sages and mystics alike, who impressed the people around them by being them to create reality in accordance with their will.

If at first you dont succeed, never give up!

If at first you don’t succeed, never give up!

But of course the interesting reality behind this is that you don’t need to be a sage or mystic to use the process of manifestation — which is controlled by the Laws of Attraction — all you need, in fact, is the ability to send a powerful energy into the world using the power of your mind.

This site has completely demonstrated the qualities necessary for manifesting anything successfully — to be brief, they are intense desire, absolute belief, complete expectancy, and the firm yet action in the world.

Now for those of us who are accustomed to living a life that perhaps could be considered slightly deprived or at least, to put it another way, perhaps not as beneficient as we would like, the concept of us being responsible for everything that comes to us, and indeed responsible for the kind of life we manifest around us, is possibly a stretch too far.

Yet think about it: would we have been given the gifts that we have been given by called if we were not entitled to use them for our benefit?

Of course we are entitled to use the natural innate tendencies abilities of our subconscious minds to connect with the universal energy and manifest whatever we want world. It seems obvious to me that we would not have this power if we were not intended to use it.

And since there are certain other innate human qualities, such as the desire to be in relationship, or the desire to connect with people socially, it seems all so obvious to me that we can (and should) combine our natural gifts and talents and use the power we have to manifest reality especially in the service of our desire to be in relationship.

Furthermore, we can also use the same mental system — which in essence is the system for controlling the world by the power emanating from our minds — to improve the quality of our sex lives and our sexual relationships on an intimate level.

I have written much on this website about delayed ejaculation, so I’d like to make the point, if indeed it needs making, that delayed ejaculation is a symptom of mental or emotional complexes [it’s usually, we believe, based on anger, shame or guilt, or perhaps in some cases rage], which prevents a man from reaching the level of arousal necessary for him to ejaculate during intercourse.

Yet by using mental imagery in exactly the way that we use visualization to manifest man has the power to end the burden of delayed ejaculation.

You are the master of the universe and the guardian of your soul

You are the master of the universe and the guardian of your soul

He might do this, for example, by visualizing himself becoming more and more aroused, or by perhaps visualizing a harmonious relationship with his sexual partner.

Needless to say, the exact form of the visualization that is necessary to overcome the problems are difficult to define here since they are different in each case.

Nonetheless with a little thought, perhaps the help of wise counselor, a man who is sufficiently determined can use visual observation to establish connection with his partner — and that will lead to higher arousal and hopefully better intercourse.

It follows, I hope you can see, that not only can visualization techniques like this be used to overcome the delayed ejaculation, but they can also be used to overcome situations like premature ejaculation.

Once again, premature ejaculation is emotionally based, the product of emotional wounds and issues which reside in the subconscious, out of conscious awareness.

What this means in practice is that by addressing the activity of the subconscious mind using visualization, it’s entirely possible to “reprogram” it so that ejaculation is not precipitated by high levels of fear, anxiety or anger.

At this juncture I don’t intend to say more about this, but I would like to make the point that these methods are well worth exploring if you feel that you willing to take your sexual pleasure into your own hands and become a more responsible and committed lover.

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